SQL is failing!

My website URL is: https://enderadel.net

What I’m seeing is:

function Test(){
  $EnderDatabaseConnection = MySQLi_Connect($HostName, $UserName, $UserPassword, $DatabaseName);
    if(mysqli_query($EnderDatabaseConnection, $EnderQuery)){
      return true;
      return false;

This function (Test()) keeps retuning false because the insert of the data has failed. My code above is fine and all of the variables are defined and correct. But the process keeps failing, is there any SQL problems going on with the server?, thanks in advance for the help…

I’m using this software: InfinityFree, the free hosting plane , Cloudflare , Freenom.

Additional information: My SQL Hostname is sql113.epizy.com

Any idea???

Try to get error message of your query. I cannot tell this at this time but you can Google it.

The problem has been fixed automatically, I wanna know what has happened…

I guess it was connection refused error.

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