Sql down

Username epiz_30157975

Error Message

Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user ‘epiz_30157975’@‘’ (using password: YES)

Other Information

sql and file manager keeps going down
now sql is down i cannot connect to sql host name sql304.epizy.com

SQL is not down, see this:


Sir it used to work before the sql server goesdown ididnt change dp name or password or any info, i couldnt even get into the dp from phpmyadmin, url was down and it was pure server error, now it worked
But i encountered such problema many times sql down and ft file manager down.

That error message means that you are being connected to the server, but the server is not responding with an OK message.

And since there are not any other reports of MySQL not working here, I am assuming that your code or connection information is the issue.

The filemanager was having some issues lately, but those have all been fixed.


Any way iam sure it wasnt my code cuz it worked from its own, if it was a code issue it wouldnt work. From its own without my interfer.
any way i couldnt accessql from myadminphp url couldnt load, so obviously it wasnt my code.

Maybe not the same error, but i started having sql connection problems on monday. My 2 year running script could not connect anymore for the whole day.
In my case i had to change the MySQL Hostname that was “sql302.epizy.com” to what is showing on phpmyadmin: “sql302.byetcluster.com”. The moment i changed everything went back to normal.

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