SQL Connection String Required

Hi All,

I have a asp.net website with MySQL server for database. I have created the necessary tables, but unable to find a connection string to include in my web.config file.

Can someone suggest where can I find the required details?

Thanks in advance.


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If you are using free hosting, asp.net will not run because the server only has PHP, not c# and .net and stuff of that ilk.


As Free Hosting You Are Some Limitations So Try To get Premium For Extra Features Just Upgrade Plan Through VPanel

Free hosting doesn’t have ASP.NET hosting. And our database servers are not accessible from the internet, so you can’t run your ASP.NET code elsewhere using our database servers.

I would suggest looking for a hosting provider that can provide the software you need. iFastNet’s premium hosting doesn’t have ASP.NET support either. There databases can be accessed remotely, but I highly recommend against doing so if you care anything about speed or security.

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