Can anyone be my hosting sponsor with cPanel and one database! I have one social media idea. I’m working on make new social media platform and i have a great ide and software for this. I’m only need hosting! I can gave demo access.

How much resources do you need?

I need only one Database and cPanel or Vista Panel, our sofftware can work on Windows server but we prefer any Linux distribution. We can gave you demo access and don’t forget we don’t working on only platform software, we collect many users and personal data around the world. If our platform can reach the 50.000 users, we buy new server and we never forgot you. If you have hosting provider company, we can gave you verified badge and free ads credits for reach your target auidence.

cPanel is a paid one, and AFAIK VistaPanel is closed source. Do you really wanna waste the server resources for just a panel?


InfinityFree does not allow social media hosting.

I see you from other topics especially about starting your own company, you won’t get anything for free, you work, with me, I code and get a free account lets say, you work and get rewarded. Nothing is free.


Do you have Discord?

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We can contact with Twitter but if you want to really this, i can open Discord for you.

Yes, i want to create real company for have power, i can collect many personal data with my software, i have template for this, my mobile app templates is ready. My software allow users to use my API’s. But im only need money or hosting for this. How we can contact easily?

Data farming company?

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No it’s a social media company website.

Are you hosting it here?

That’s what @anon77371365 said.


Well, I guess every company including this hosting is a data farming company, right???
Don’t get me wrong, it’s something came to my mind while reading what you wrote.


Not really,
The ones who specifically say I can collect many personal data are data farmers , whilst others like Facebook and Instagram has some privacy policy and are trustable

Ah lol, I mean like every company collects emails/IP addresses/sometimes DoB and countries. it’s quite data farming because you’ve these data in the database But when it comes to abusing them…


also they have privacy policy… And if they abuse them we have the right to file a case in the local Police station. isn’t it? :thinking:


And longbash do you really think that you will reach 50000 users within an year or so?

Infinityfree being the best hosting provider from 2013 has reached around 14000 people(and more idk, stats from Forum about page){With 7 years of Admin’s hardwork and help}.
Most importantly you use a Nulled script for the social media