Specific page of subdomain does not working

My subdomain’s home works: felar.xxx.info. But the subdomain’s specific page does NOT.
URL: felar.xxx.info/kapcsolat.html.

What I’m seeing is:


Please, advice. Thanks.


Have you added that subdomain in hosting panel?

can you please tell the actual url instead of censoring it? :slight_smile:


This error means the domain name cannot be found. So it’s strange that you see this on a specific page, because if your subdomain could not be found, then all the pages would have this error.

Maybe your page does a redirect to a bad URL?

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íes, naturally. :slight_smile:

My homepage is: http://sansz.gaction.info/
and than click Kapcsolat
URL: http://sansz.gaction.info/kapcsolat.html

I see the files in the following folder:

I think the problem is the https protocol…

I checked on the first URL you posted, and clicking on “Kapcsolat”, but it seems like the subdomain on where is redirecting that URL is not correct (it has as URL http://sansz.vallalkozasokert.info/kapcsolat.html instead of http://sansz.gaction.info/kapcsolat.html). Please correct the links on your files to point to the new subdomain, instead of letting visitors have an “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” or similar errors while trying to click an URL that points to another page instead of IDs on the homepage.

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Yes, i checked too. I have already changed it. thanks.

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But I checked again and they point to the folder htdocs, which does not exist inside the htdocs folder, so remove that extra htdocs/ in the URLs.

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Thanks, i make it.

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