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Doesn’t upload page template

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SP Page builder on Joomla has function to export and import page templates. Export in json files.

In other hostings I be able to import json file (template) to new page. Infinityfree has restrict it.

I clicked to button “import”, choose json file, and it’s nothing to do, template isn’t show on page.

Why this function is restricted? It hasn’t new file, that store on hosting, it’s store in database as text.

What makes you so sure that we have restricted this?

Is it just some PHP code that allows you to upload a JSON file which is put in the database? If so, there is nothing on our end that’s blocking it.

If you want, I can try to investigate it. Could you please provide full reproduction instructions so I can try it?


Ok, full reproduction:

  1. Turn on integration sp page builder in joomla article.
  2. Create new article in that link administrator/index.php?option=com_content&view=articles
  3. In sp page buider create new row, then select any addon.
  4. Save template- click on button export. Template will be saved to file templatexxx.json
  5. Delete that row, which you created.
  6. Click on button import and select previously saved template.
  7. Template with row and addon will be insert in sp page builder frame (in other hostings). In our hosting infinityfree template doesn’t insert and nothing happens.

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