Sourceguardian Loader Issue In Wordpress Plugin

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Hello Sir,
My Username is : epiz_33200408
and my website is:

Error Message

Sir I have this issue while Enabling the Elementor Pro plugin
( PHP script ‘/home/vol1_1/’ is protected by [SourceGuardian] and requires a SourceGuardian loader ‘ixed.7.4.lin’ to be installed.)

  1. Click here to download the required ‘ixed.7.4.lin’ loader from the SourceGuardian site

  2. Install the loader to /usr/php70/lib/php/20151012

  3. Edit /etc/php70/php.ini and add ‘extension=ixed.7.4.lin’ directive

  4. Restart the web server

Other Information

please someone show me how to solve this issue


If you can afford $60 a year for a plugin, I highly recommend that you upgrade to premium hosting. Elementor free does not really work well on free hosting, and I imagine the pro version is even worse.

And if you did not pay $60 to get the plugin, note that hacked/nulled software is strictly forbidden here.


We don’t have SourceGuardian installed on our servers. We do have the (more popular) IonCube installed though, but that’s not going to help you here.

That said, the Elementor Pro plugin itself doesn’t seem to be encrypted with SourceGuardian, and Elementor doesn’t list that module as a dependency. The only thing in the installation that uses is is this abzarwp.php script, which doesn’t look like it’s part of Elementor itself.

I suspect that your Elementor Pro installation is a pirated copy, and the abzawp script is malware added to it by the redistributor.

This is why you should never use pirated software, very often you’re installing something you don’t want along with it, and get your website hacked.

If you want to use Elementor, that’s fine, but either pay for the paid version, or stick to the free version.


I don’t know if it is related, but there is also a website called Abzarwp. Can’t see anything about the site though because everything is in Persian.

The code seems to reference that website too. But still: it definitely doesn’t seem like it’s part of Elementor itself, and given the fact that they encrypted the source code to make it hard to see what the code does, I don’t think it’s anything good.

The fact remains though: it seems very likely to us that your Elementor Pro installation is pirated and that this encrypted code is malicious. In this case, the lack of SourceGuardian is actually a feature, because this is how we could find our about this strange code in your site without it actually running.

If you purchased Elementor Pro, please remove the current plugin folder from your site and install a fresh copy. If you didn’t purchase Elementor Pro, just remove the plugin, and take this as a lesson that pirated software can be very dangerous and that you got lucky this time.


Thanks for your replying and support
Right now I was testing and learning, but I will consider your instructions.

Consider this:

You work hard, put a lot of effort into making something and offer it for sale to help aid your living. Someone decides to just copy it and resell it to make a few quick bucks, or just sell it for free so that you don’t make money.

Pirating is not ok. Consider this as well: someone slips some malware into their copy so that they can cause further destruction. Pirates are not your friends. Honestly, why would they sell copied software for free? It might be that they don’t want others to pay the price, but I would assume that most just want to mess around with their now-victims.

It’s advice, yes. But it is also an instruction. We do not allow pirated software on Infinityfree, for obvious reasons. Imagine how mad software companies would be if we started ok-ing pirated software to be hosted here. Not good for reputation, in addition to the other points I added.


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