SoS Cname setup issue!

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or We bsite URL

epiz_31399236 [

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Error Message

Illegal characters in destination part. 6
Invalid Domain destination. 6
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Other Information

the information provided for cname record source and destination don’t work it spits out errors!

(other information and details relevant to your question) epiz_31399236

nevermind it fixed itself

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  • Enter _25e46b871d2c5c99b14c14d712724c5e in the input for Source.
  • Enter in the input for Destination.

thanks a bunch now im having a PHP extension issue

Error Message

[Support execute shell command.]
Support OPcache ]
Support Redis extension if redis cache is enabled ]

She’ll is not available on free hosting. Please upgrade to a VPS or premium if you need it.

Never heard of this, but I don’t think it is disabled. You may have to install some library to use it, though. Note: This looks like a server-side cache, which is probably not supported here.

Redis is not enabled, so it is not supported. If you need it, I think premium may have it, but you’ll have to raise a support ticket to find out.

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We don’t have Opcache on our servers. I’m not sure how effective Opcache is with how we run PHP, but seeing how the servers run a large number of websites with very little traffic each, I can’t imagine cache hit rates would be any good.

Redis and opcache are useful on high traffic and/or high complexity sites. And sites like that aren’t going to run well on free hosting anyways.


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