Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 100 MB)


That is the error I got when I attempted to upload a .zip file (of which the file is around 64 MB)

So why did I get this error (considering the file is under 100 MB)?

Max file size is 10mb

Why are you trying to upload a zip file titled “discourse-main” here?

And if you are trying to upload that to your website, note that discourse requires Ruby On Rails to run, and free hosting does not support that.


To try and create/run a discourse site via the Github file

See my edit

This image doesn’t look like the one from a file manager.

Discourse is a software that cannot run on shared hosting. It requires a VPS or something more big. iFastNet VPS can be a starter choice

That message looks like it is from a Discourse site. Is it from this forum? Were you trying to upload the entire copy of your script to this forum so we can see what you can’t upload?

Please don’t do that. If you want to link us a script, please just link to the download page of the official supplier.

I was actually surprised the limit was 100 MB in the first place, that’s way too big. It’s been reduced to 4 MB now, which is plenty for all legitimate use cases.

And as stated in the other topic, you can’t upload big archives here, and you can’t host Discourse here. You’ll want a VPS for that.


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