Sorry due to spam issues email accounts are no longer supported

Dear in Mail Account section showing this message, “Sorry due to spam issues email accounts are no longer supported, please consider uprading your account” Cannot create email accounts. Need this option. I to get this. You assured in free hosting that we can get this option.
thank you…

Hi, yes, I agree with your feeling as it was assured in free hosting list of supported feature that email account will be supported.
I have also asked the same question and apparently they decided to disable the email support, which is not good, obviously I think somebody abuse the email by creating a lot of spam, which trigger this blanket disabling of the feature.
As I am not alone in this, I hope Infinity can enable back the email account, even that means we can only send/receive 1 mail per day…

Where do you suppose we assured this option?

Also, I explained in this post some of the issues present with the email system:

Are you sure you need this option? Because most people need a working email solution, and what we had could not really qualify as that.


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