Sometimes the site is working and sometimes not working

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Sometimes the site is working and sometimes not working

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hello i have created a new website with subdomain great-site .net but sometimes when i try to access i got this

but after 5 to 10 mins the site works and after 5 - 10 mins my site goes down and i get the same error on the image i don’t know what to do this happened about 10 times today. i am sorry if my English isn’t good


The website is working for me, so I recommend that you clear your cache.

Also, this may be the cause:

3 Likes has been known to have a few nameserver errors in the past. You will just have to remain patient, though, as it should clear up as your site grows older.

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Thanks i have flushed DNS using this command on ubuntu

sudo systemd-resolve --flush-caches

and the site is working thanks


I see your account was created only a few hours ago, so I’m 99.99% sure that this is DNS propagation.

In the client area you’ll see a big orange banner saying:

Don’t see your website yet?

Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name or hosting account to start working everywhere. Learn more.

If it hasn’t been 72 hours yet, just have patience, because it will fix itself. Or try one of the workarounds from the article.


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