Somes errors with domaine

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Fischer (RoyalRoleplay)

Error Message

Not message but error on redirection…
Look: and take a look to the same but without “www” and https
Its like you have 2 different website, and the good website is with “SSL/Certificate”.
And all my sub domain don’t work with https:

Other Information

The domain has been buy on “ikoula” and transfeer on “planethoster”, and i’ve changed “nameserver” to “InfinityFree”.

Username: epiz_26252614

Ok, so your domains do work and they do force you to go into https for, and `with your ssl for your subdomains, try with the InfinityFree SSL tool,, However i see your using cloudflare, so you need to follow How to install an SSL certificate - Docs - InfinityFree Forum as it is a bit different adding SSL here to subdomains, as you can’t add the whole certificate.

Also has an issue, see this article, Debugging in WordPress – Documentation


Thx for fast reply.

I go check your link and see what i can do…

For forum, i have just install wp for test but i’ve got IPBoard, its a bit different.

Screenshot by Lightshot for SSL tool of InfinityFree… 1 day i wait

Wait i want to add SSL/Cercificate to subdomain
This part: Screenshot by Lightshot i add to cname, it say:
“Duplicated CNAME records detected for the CNAME hostname.”
Because: Screenshot by Lightshot

You have not added CNAME records for, you have added them for;

You need to change your CNAME records as so;


So i delete

and add

And that for all subdomains?

Yes but for every different subdomain you change wiki, say for adding in ‘test’ you would add the records;


This article may be of some use, How to create the CNAME records for free SSL - Docs - InfinityFree Forum

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Like this: ???
I think it is good now…

That looks good yes, now go to and request certificates for;

** It may take up to 24-72 hours for the DNS to propogate and for the SSL tool to detect your cname’s **


Its good:

No problem, thank you for the help! I return to you if i have any problem

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