Someone help me, all post on my wp-site is not "Featured image"

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Error Message

No Featured image on the new post.

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Other Information

all site with infinity free dont see the Featured image for new post

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This does not seem to be a hosting issue.
Please check with the WP forum


I expanded this source to other host it’s working normal.

If you need help, you need to write more clearly.
Saying it does not work is not helpful.

What source

What host

Make sure you have done the migration correctly.


If I take a look at the generated HTML code for the tile of the "“Kiến Trúc Nội Thất MO: Sự kết hợp hoàn hảo giữa hiện…” post, I see that the background image for that tile is specifically set to the URL Which means that your site itself thinks that this post does not have a featured image.

Can you please double check the post in the editor to make sure that the featured image was actually uploaded correctly? Given that the issue only affects this one post, my guess is that it’s this issue.

If not, then my best guess is that the issue is somewhere deep inside the code of your WordPress theme. If so, it’s your responsibility to figure that out. We just provide the hosting, it’s not up to us to fix bugs in your website.


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