Some pictures loading others not

Website URL

Error Message

When loading the website, only certain images will load. For example, after unploading 5 images, only 3 of those images will load on the site. The other two will just show a blank box. (This is happening on the Locations page)

Other Information

I have tried clearing my cache and history, and also tried on two other devices and the same exact images will not load on those either.

I only sees a bunch of 404s for the images. Make sure to upload them correctly:

It’s also possible that the images got deleted:


You have mixed content issue.
Please correct your code to use https


also in your locations.html page I see a mistake with the single and double quotes like this one for example has a single quote after the double quote in the height attribute

<a href=''><img src='' border='0' width="275" height="175"'/></a>

Take note icons is a reserved word on free hosting.
Please rename it to some other folder name



Thank you for all the fast replies!

I’m very new to html and making websites, should i go back through every single line of code and change http to https?

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