Some parts of my page do not work

Username: epiz_30029483

My problem is that when trying to add a name or a record it bounces it back, I also have to say that before uploading the program I had already reviewed it and it works well I just don’t know why it doesn’t add me, the add button, delete works well so I don’t think it’s the BD, or is it?

Error message

It does not show me any message, it bounces me when trying to add

Other information

In my web page I cannot add data, but before loading everything was working (localhost). I would appreciate if someone could give me a solution.
I await your prompt reply

Can you provide the URL?



hmm? (1.)

the form sends the data to this file (2.)
as you can see the data in the img
then index.php, which is not populated with data, is called (3.)

so there is something in your code that does not pull data (refresh state) or does not save it at all

otherwise the change works OK as long as you have it initially filled in by you
but when I have deleted everything then what I have already stated happens

it would help a lot more to copy / paste PHP codes here
(of course hide any sensitive information)

you should definitely work on security as well
because everything stated here also applies to you
(so read most of the topic)


Is there any way to guide me in private? Please

Unfortunately no
I don’t have time to dedicate to other people’s “private” problems, but I can briefly describe:

Your form has the option to upload images
but does not check extensions at all
and someone can upload PHP, JS, EXE, viruses, etc.

As for other problems you need to explain to other users
how does it all work ?, do you save the data in DB or in some file ?, share the code here, etc.

Or you make a simplified test version that has only basic functions and see if it works.
Also, you can slowly add parts of the ex code until you find the problem

The visibility of the content is also a problem because there are so many elements in the tables that you have to scroll horizontally for almost another screen.


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