Some icons disappear when I change my wordpress URL

Hi. My website is : I use WordPress 5.3.2 running “Newsium” theme.
I use “Social Icons” plugin (Version 1.7.2) and “Newsletter” plugin (Version 6.4.6). (If I update the the Newsletter plugin, it provokes a fatal crash of the site)

When I change my worldpress URL from default to my domain name, the icons from the theme and the icons from the “Social Icons” widget disappear. When I switch the URL back to the default, the icons reappear. Any suggestions? .


The problem may be that the browser does not display non-https content if the page is https (for security reasons)
and the url for the icons is at http but it should be edited to be on https

or their URL still points to an “old” free subdomain (and location should be edited through the plugin menu / DB / or manually in some config file from the theme)

it’s hard to answer this because your site is redirecting to a free subdomain

original topic is here Parked domain

it would be good to switch the WP url to

and then open browser dev. tools (F12)
and check all errors and warnings
and also look at the source and see if the icons / themes / etc. points to the wrong URL (


Thanks! I Swithched the WP URL and the icons are back. The only problem is that I do not know how to acces my admin now.


Thanks. The problem is that it doesn’t accept the password.

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Ok I managed. Thanks @Oxy You are really a star.

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