[SOLVED] IPs and are down

After almost a week my website is still unavailable (thewowsignal.epizy.com). My other websites are affected too (quite often I am getting ‘unresolved host’ error). Do you already know who the attacker is and how long will it take to solve the issue?

That sounds like a different issue. If you want anyone to help you try to figure that out, please create a new topic in Hosting Support.

No and no.

As I said before: the IP addresses will be re-enabled when the attack is over. We have no control or insight regarding when that will be, and as such cannot predict when that will be.

And to my knowledge, nobody has contacted us and proven that they are responsible for the attacks. So no, we don’t know who is behind the attack. And it’s very unlikely we’ll ever know.


it is possible to turn off the IP address, maybe a brute-force method by turning off the IP can find the desired address and relieve the load on the server?

That is precisely what we are doing here. We have disabled (nullrouted) these specific IP addresses to prevent the attack from causing more harm to our entire platform. What happens if you don’t is what you can see at the very start of the attack, and what happened last week Sunday when basically everything started to fail intermittently.


To everyone who is having trouble with their website, note that this outage affects the two IP addresses listed in the first post. Websites on these IPs will see some kind of Connection Timed Out error.

If you are on another IP address, or are seeing a different error message, please assume that your issue is unrelated, and check or create a topic that does actually describe your issue.

And if you’re on a different IP AND have a different error message, it’s almost sure the issue is not related.

Any posts of issues unrelated to this outage have been flagged and removed. Please keep this topic about this specific outage, we have an entire category for everything else.

There do appear to have been some intermittent DNS issues on the platform in the last few days. I’m going to investigate this and create a proper announcement if relevant. Until then, please assume that the DNS issue is unrelated to this outage.


We understand everything you are saying. But we just want to know when we will see our website again?
Or explain us a proper way to solve this problem…
like as you said changing IP manually.

IP address :
USERNAME : epiz_33185386


As for

you can do this

Follow the rules, thank you…


As of yesterday around 10:00 UTC, the IP addresses were turned back on! Since then, they appear to have been running well.

So it seems the issue is resolved!

We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.