[SOLVED]Experiencing Strange Files & File Manager Issues in My Website [Rare Problem]

Hi guys :slightly_smiling_face:! I have a little problem that affects my websites performance. I have this strange javascript file called aes.js. Why did I call it strange? It is because this file is already deleted one day ago but this file is showing on speed check websites but not on file managers (prebuilt [MonstaFTP] and my own file manager php scripts)!! This is strange because I use mainly 5 different PHP-powered file managers to test it if it really exist but I failed; I mean I cant see it.

How did I discovered it? When I testing my new page called main.html in online website speed check tools (specifically PageSpeed Insights and GMetrix), the results are very clear until I saw the waterfall results and I see the aes.js(in my main domain main directory) impacting the page’s performance. I was shocked because these file is not even show up in the file managers. So I check it using my url “http://digibytechs.gq/aes.js”. Wow, it does really exist but still the problem is on file managers. I also check the FTP, but then I failed. I also check the content of the file(main.html) but i cant find the dirty code. To make it short, I have questions :roll_eyes::

  1. Is it only a bug in the file managers (InfinityFree’s File Manager & My 5 PHP-powered file managers & FTP)? How did it possible?
  2. Is it caused by cache standard DEFLATE rules in my .htacess? If yes, how to fix it?
    3.Is it only bug in the browser?(I dont think so)
  3. Is it only a bug within the online website speed checker tools (ie. PageSpeed, GMetrix, Pingdom)?
  4. Is it a problem within the page(main.html)?[I dont think so because I already checked for the possibilities but I failed]

Websites Details:

domain name: digibytechs.gq under digibytechs.epizy.com
issue file: digibytechs.gq/aes.js or digibytechs.epizy.com/aes.js
affected file: digibytechs.gq/main.html or digibytechs.epizy.com/main.html
JS Sources: JQuery, Google Fonts, Fontawesome.js

I hope this will be resolved because I want to optimized the sample page (main.html) to at least 99% :smile:

Note: dont go with my main domain digibytechs.gq because I didnt have set any index file yet.

Strange? You cannot access your site without it!

Basically, it’s the required file for security system to check what ever the visitor is accessing with browser or not, without this file, security system still checks, but it’ll fail to load that file and your site will always stuck on WSOD. (white screen of death)

I guess not. Let me tell you the story. Before, there were only 1 folder and a file in htdocs directory. The folder’s name was CryptoJS library which contains many bundled security javascript files. And respectively, the file is index.html. I was once use these scripts to try to encrypt the whole page on my website with AES-256 encryption. I tried to move these files to the upper directory, in the htdocs folder. It was succesfully moved and I include it on the index file. But I suddenly want to delete them because the conversion rate of the string conversion to encrypted data is very slow. It almost 7 seconds to load because I uses to many strings. So I decided to delete it. But I came up an unknown error on the file manager. Afterall, I cant see the files so i thought it was deleted. But still it was in my directory.

It is not required because that file came also from me. Im the one who uploaded that file. Theoritically, lets say it is the one that is being required to run my page or whatever. However, that file should be listed as a file in directory; Even the permission of the file is very strict.

May I list lots of sites that have aes.js file?? And like I said it exists in your site. But not in your site files (i.e cannot be viewed) because it’s out of your permission.

You only can view the aes.js file you’ve uploaded. But not one used in security system.

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ok thanks for the reply. I am only confused about the 2 different files and thats all. Now, I understand that it is for security purposes. Thanks

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