Softculous Error!

I can’t log in to softculous app installer page. It shows me error message like below. I cant understand:

It appears your account has fully used it’s inode allocation, you will need to delete files to reduce inodes before the script installer will work, or upgrade to premium hosting where we offer over 400,000 inodes !

I believe 30000 inodes used up.
Delete your files(use ftp or file manager)…


what is it?
file count is limited?
It should be infinity free!!!

Logon to VPanel.
Check yor account.
Shd see something like this


i have hosted a 86 mb file in ftp. Is it a problem?

Unlimted bandwidth and storage but not inodes

max file size is 10 mb

Don’t werry @TabinAhmedJihad

Softaculous Temperary unavailable

Read this :

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The error messages are completely different, which means it cannot be a solution.
@TabinAhmedJihad Please note that inode counter is not alive and takes a bit long to update. for more information:


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