Softcaulous not working

I just get the wait 20 inutes error for hours. I am not going to upgrade to a paid plan unless I can install wordpress

I posted the solution on this article:

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@Ergastolator1 How do I create a databse. It wont let me add a user (there is no option)

From Cpanel->Mysql Databases you can create your database.

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@anon19508339 I Have created the database but can’t add users

You need to use the database host and database name from the MySQL Databases section of the Control Panel, along with the username and the password that can be found on your hosting account page of the Client Area, then scrolling down to Account Details and clicking on Show/Hide to show the password


I need to CREATE a user. (following the instructions you sent)

Creating database users isn’t supported on free hosting, so you can just skip the step and use the hosting account’s username and password.

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Refer to this article.

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