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I back up my website and now i restored but my site is showing like new website please fix it backup is still available . I think sql is not restored please fix it iam wating

What’s softbackup?

This is the way to restore a backup here:

Softaculous has a backup/restore feature but I have honestly no idea if it works here. If it doesn’t work, then it doesn’t work and I can’t fix your backup if that’s the case.

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All other files are restored like wp-admi. Content upload but site loading like

@Sherymudasir, you also have to backup the files (from the source) like wp-admin, etc. Not only the SQL database. Also you might have to compress it. But, on free hosting the file size limit is only 10MB. So no luck if your website is old or new, as, the file size will be above 100MB (at least).

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I cant download speed is slow what should i do

The file seems to be too big, to download and upload. Like I said the upload limit is 10MB.
image. Are you trying to migrate from premium hosting to free hosting?

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