Softacuous in Cpanel

Hallo, I try to stage a website and another one push to live but even after hours this is only shown at 95% and never finishes.
The log file says this:

[epiz_31081262] [2022-06-20 15:50:26] [staging] xxxxxx Completed Requirement Checks

[epiz_31081262] [2022-06-20 15:50:26] [staging] xxxxxxx Creating DB : epiz_31081262_w773 and DB User : 31081262_14

[epiz_31081262] [2022-06-20 15:50:26] [staging] xxxxxxx Pushing staging process to background

[epiz_31081262] [2022-06-20 15:50:26] [staging] xxxxxxx  background command : /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/bin/php -d disable_functions="" "/usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/softaculous"/cli.php --staging --insid=26_57850 --ssk=ybRk4UO5rrEGphksZBvMNx2DucXBrFXd --backgrounding=1

[epiz_31081262] [2022-06-20 15:50:28] [staging] xxxxxxxx Staging background command output : array (

Backup works but takes 20 mins
Delete works in 10 mins
Before Softaculous update this worked like a charm. What is wrong?

bumping topic

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I’m not sure if the Softaculous staging feature works on our hosting.

Softaculous is designed primarily for cPanel, and iFastNet did some custom implementation to make it work on free hosting. But it might be that their implementation doesn’t have this feature.


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