Softaculous reported as unsafe

Username (epiz_33622871)

Error Message

On navigating to Softaculous via the control panel, my browser flags up the site as dangerous (see picture).If I proceed to the site anyway, it flags up a total of three times before I can enter. The warning then reappears every time I navigate to a new page. Is this normal expected behaviour?

Other Information

Apologies, I originally wrote this as a reply to the system issues thread as i know Softaculous went down as part of that outage so thought it might be related. My post was hidden though, so I assume this is not the case.

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Microsoft flags Softaculous as “unsafe”, however you can ignore that warning.


You can click the link that starts with the word “report” at the bottom of that page, and softaculous s should load.


Excellent thank you both for the confirmation.

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