Softaculous Outdated

I recently noticed that Softaculous is really outdated on free hosting:

Newer versions look completely different and have more features:

(Screenshot of Softaculous on premium)

(see the version above)

A WordPress manager would also be nice

Yes, I know that InfinityFree has no control over the version, but (I think) that the administrator would be able to make a request to IFastNet? I would do it myself but their forums are dead.

Yeah… also the cPanel is outdated

iFastNet cPanel:

IF cPanel:

(and the grammar is broken on the free hosting cpanel)


Well, it doesn’t charge you plus the hosting service is by far good (kinda like this more than iFastNet tbh). I host my beta versions and pre release softwares here to check em and later when done upload it to IFastNet and so far… I fastnet in general seems slower than infinityfree… So yeah… well they aint the best in designing… but there service is good :slight_smile:


Also that iFastNetCpanel logo is soo weird… Mine just says cPanel

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Well, the InfinityFree is Vista Panel, not cPanel, so it’s not really “outdated”. As for the grammar… I think they should get Grammarly.

Well I don’t know how thats possible. In my experience iFastnet is much faster. Try enabling CloudFare and Railgun through the cPanel.

So does mine I think that was an outdated screenshot. Heres the up-to-date demo


They look similar
Is that just a cPanel theme for VistaPanel? Or is VistaPanel an older version of cPanel?

Woah… Softaculous is embedded into the cPanel?
The icons are different too… and there’s more features

basically, vPanel is just a cPanel clone. It’s not an older version of cPanel, and it’s made by ifastnet exclusivley for its free hosting resellers.

That’s the real cPanel!
iFastNet’s premium cPanel is much better than the free hosting vPanel.
And if you actually go into softaculous, it’s much more modern-looking and has more features, plus a WordPress manager.

Back to the original topic, can Softaculous please be updated on free hosting to the version it’s on in premium? I don’t see any reason on why it couldn’t because you can just update it through the Softaculous admin panel, but I might be wrong.


Or any other spell checker. Including ones that doesn’t send all your keystrokes to a server on the other side of the world.

Grammarly is no different from a keylogger.

I’ll ask if it’s possible.

Quite a bit of extra effort has been made to make Softaculous work with VistaPanel which makes things quite a bit more fragile. So quite sure that that’s why they’re not doing automatic updates.


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