Softaculous Not Loading

For those that don’t want to watch a 3 minute video - The issue is that softaculous returns “This site can’t be reached” in chrome.

here is my video hopefully this will help me because i really need help.


In the future, please explain your problem in text. Nobody wants to watch a 3 minute video for something can can be easily typed out.

Please try using a different device or network.


i dont have another device or network.

I deleted your video and please remove it from YT as soon as possible because it contains access tokens etc. (plus source), before someone hacks you.

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Softaculous is accessed over port 2082, which is not a standard port for web pages. If you are having trouble reaching Softaculous, it’s usually caused by access to port 2082 being blocked. That’s often the case on heavily restricted network environments, such as some school or corporate networks.

On a different device and/or network (that’s not restricted so much), you should able to access it. Using a proxy or VPN to bypass the network restrictions could work too, depending on how they are enforced.


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