Softaculous - MySQL Connection Error


I still am unable to install Wordpress because of this error.
I know the SSL Issue (saying its not found) may just be a waiting concern.
but the inability to make any connection MySQL is a little concerning.

The following errors were found :

  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.
  • The MySQL Connection could not be established.

Is anyone else seeing this error?

I will be retrying later, but for now I think its just part of the ongoing Softaculous error from before.

Thank you

There are ongoing softaculous issues. Please have patience.



Me too I’ve been trying all day to set up something on my website nothing works. Shame if there’s an issue you have to come to the forums sign up and find out that there is an issue. Softaculous or Infinity should at least block you from installing saying there are issues. I wasted hours

they did, if we were to look at a previous error, there was an “something went wrong, please try again in 20 minutes”

I was just checking with the MySQL errors, and the connection. because that it have been a “my connection” problem or a service concern.

thank you

Please read the posts you plan to respond too.

your “please have patience” added nothing to the post, but rather proved you did not read my post. I understand you are a Moderator, and probally are reviewing may posts, but to treat people with a lack of minimum respect is not helpful.

I stated I knew and thought this was part of the ongoing softaculous issues (so your first line is not needed, as it addes nothing to the converstation, just restates my thoughts) and the “please have patience” is off handed because I state “I will be retrying later ,but for now I think its just part of the ongoing Softaculous error from before”

so seems like i am impatient?
Please read before responding, it just helps promote a positive community experience and community which wishes to build each other up.

I did read your post, and understood what you meant. If I came off a bit rude, my apologies. My post was simply to A) Reinforce the fact of the outage, and B) remind everyone experiencing the issue to have patience.

In hindsight, I could have added a few more words to my post, but not everyone is perfect, including both you and me.

In any case, the issue should be solved by now, are you able to install WordPress?


Thank you, I am sorry if I was harsh in my last reply, I have had bad experiences before but not with you. I do apologize for my actions.

Yes, I have been able to install via softaculous the Wordpress.

I hope you have a wonderful day, thank you for taking the role of Moderator on the fourms.


No problem. I do understand where you came from with that, and I would have probably done something close to the same. Unfortunately, the internet is not the place that we wish it to be.

Glad you got it installed, and don’t hesitate to come back with any questions (Although I hope to never see you again, as that means everything is working perfectly).


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