Softaculous licence problem

My website URL is:
What I’m seeing is:

Installation error

I’m using this software:
→ Trying to use wordpress

Additional information:

it is already reported above.
it happened to others too.


If you still want to install WordPress, follow these instructions skipping the database part, because you are going to create it from the “MySQL Databases” section of the Control Panel, and considering the root folder of the domain as your htdocs folder.

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I think this is not that problem, it is global problem, other hosting has affected too, cannot read license file

I only posted the instructions to install WordPress manually, if someone still wants to install it. So if you have the same problem and want to install WordPress then follow the instructions I posted, else read what @anon19508339 posted to know more about the problem.

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Facing the same problem

as i said on top :roll_eyes:


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