Softaculous -errors still?

I went to login to my wordpress website and it showed me an error message, so I thought to review the install in Softaculous. When I try to enter the area I get the following error message:

Error Message

It appears your account has fully used it’s inode allocation, you will need to delete files to reduce inodes before the script installer will work, or upgrade to premium hosting where we offer over 400,000 inodes !

Not sure if this is just me or something I am overlooking.


Please read

As for

Do that


even removing all the wordpress files and such, the error is still present. guess I need to just delete and start over (seems normal)

Inode counter does not update instantly. Try 24 hrs later…


no need, I already deactivated and will try to redo it all, the saddest part is that there was no answer to what caused it and no way to find out what was causing it.

but i guess if I can not get it to work, I will just need to try another service elsewhere.

Infinityfree has a limit of 30k inodes per account. You hit that limit, mostly due to huge plugins or thems? SO there is an answer, delete files, wait for few hours and then login to wp.


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