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I run a proof-of-concept online store for my school, and was testing the Softaculous backup, i thought i could delete the database and restore it, but this appears not to be the case. I get the above error when i try to restore my site. Now i know what i did was dumb but i need to somehow get it back up and running or i might just fail my class.

If you did not make a backup of the database or have it stored locally on your device, I’m not sure if it can be recovered. I have never used database files, and I have only used Softaculous once, so I could be wrong. Someone else here may be able to help you further if this is possible.
Good Luck!

Thats the thing, softaculous has a checkbox for a database backup, which i made sure to select, but it wont restore. Thanks for taking the time to reply still!

Sorry, I cant help you than :frowning: . The only other thing I can think of is login into Softaculous and clicking “Applications” at the top (That may not be what is says, its a colored box at the top of the home page) and seeing if there are any options there. Hopefully someone else will be able to help you out here. Good luck finding an answer!

I never used Softaculous, but if you checked a checkbox for a database backup, try to open the backup and find a “.sql” file. If it’s there, you can restore the database manually before restoring the site backup.


You need to manually import the sql via sql database.

This shd help.


Thank you all for your replies, but i cant seem to find the .sql file anywhere in the backups, this makes me believe softaculous might not be able to backup databases correctly or something

That may very well be a possibility. We have somewhat of a non-standard Softaculous setup, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Softaculous backup has never worked.

This is also why our own backup guide makes no mention of the Softaculous backup feature:

Well i guess its time to rebuild everything from scratch!

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