Hi there
i tray to install softaculous php but a message is showing to me

The following errors were found :

  • An installation already exists at as per our records. To re-install the application please uninstall the existing installation!

Hi there, Welcome to the Community,Please uninstall the installation which you previously installed. It can be done through Softaculous.Check the top right area to find all your installations and delete it


hi there,

i try to install new stuff , but same messages , also i check for my apps there’s no things to un install

Can you please post a screenshot of your all installations.

hi soundar
please find the screenshot

now its show that

Please tell us your domain so we can help.

I get a HTTP 500 error, which means you’ll have to read this:

thank you
this error HTTP 500 error is fix but by delete htaccess , the Alter PHP did not worked


i think i must limited to one App , and i removed the joomla and i try to install this one but when it reach 95% it stop

Hello, I believe that InfinityFree has been busy today, as previously i believe the forum went down. Generally, there is nothing you can do.


hi , i think so

That’s news to me.

But I do know that iFastNet is doing maintenance on Softaculous right now (has to do with the new WordPress version too), which may explain some of the issues.

hi i have this issue ( Inodes Used 100%)

Inodes Used 100 % (50015 of 30019)

there is no thing to delete !!!

Yeah, I read on another topic that some time ago people got a CloudFlare issue or something

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