Softaculous Bug

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Error Message

  • The installation package could not be found!

Other Information

Installing MediaWiki.


Don’t change anyone posting if not anti-rule, it is impolite, thanks.

I can confirm that this error appears if the “visual editor” is selected in the install options

Screenshot 2024-04-26 095520

if not then the installation starts but gets stuck at 3%

Screenshot 2024-04-26 095740

Try to install it manually but be prepared for problems
because Mediawiki is a frequently mentioned topic on this forum,
but maybe this newer version is much better.


I have asked iFastNet to fix it.

Installing MediaWiki used to be impossible because MediaWiki contains more than 30,000 files, which was more than the inode limit. But the inode limit was doubled recently, so it should now be possible to host MediaWiki on free hosting.


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