Softaculous Apps Installer Not opening

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Username - epiz_33626109

I am not able to open softaculous app installer, while other services are working fine in control panel. Please help …

What error do you see? What happens instead?


When I click on the softaculous apps installer it opens a new tab, but it says " This site can’t be reached** took too long to respond."

Till yesterday afternoon it was loading properly.

Try using a different browser or device then.


Not working on different browser or device

Softaculous is accessible on port 2082, which is not a standard port for websites. On some networks, network administrators may block access to unknown ports for security reasons to prevent undesired traffic. Some corporate or educational networks have such restrictions.

If so, your options are either to appeal to your network administrators to get the port unblocked (it’s a port used by cPanel, so you’ll have issues using many hosting providers with such restrictions), or use a VPN to bypass it.


It worked for me. Thanks

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