Softaculous apps installer not creating DB & DB tables on fresh wordpress install

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Hi, I have been unable to add any post after a fresh Wordpress install. It gives me an error “Publishing failed. You are probably offline.” even though I’m using a good-speed internet connection.

Then I checked & found there’s no database. When I created one manually, it didn’t automatically add any table. I don’t know how to set it up.

I have done fresh installs multiple times using the Softaculous apps installer but that doesn’t create Database & database tables.

Can you kindly help me out with this? Regards

Download WordPress from the link below, upload it to your website directory and manually install It.

Most likely another outage…you gotta wait

The issue is not WordPress installation. The website is up & running but cannot perform any action for example adding new posts. The actual issue is database. I don’t know how to create it with required tables.

Hmm, is there any server issue onoging?

I had also the same issue. I did install WordPress manually and everything worked fine. If you are using SSL then install a WordPress plugin Really Simple SSL.

This helped me too.

I’ll try that

Please share the results after doing that. This will help others with same problem.

Sure, will post if it actually works as soon as I try the manual install

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I have just installed WordPress manually. Sadly, it doesn’t solve the problem. The issue as I said was the absence of a database & DB tables.

Did you install Really Simple SSl?

Installing plugins is not going to do anything if there is no database.

@swingwizard, was the installation new? If it is, I would reinstall from scratch. Otherwise, I would wait to see what Admin has to say about this. He may know more than we do.

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So guys I have found the key & it seems that is the only way.

I tried everything, but none worked. I even imported a database, which too failed. Finally, I created a new account inside Infinityfree(it allows 3). That worked!

Just for reference, I had earlier assigned a weak password. It got hacked, and then I had to remove everything but it only created problems afterwards even with the fresh installs. So, if someone’s website gets hacked, simply deactivate & remove the account inside Infinityfree & create a new one.

Thank you guys also for taking time in pursuit of support!


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