softaculous app installer not working...

This is a very big problem for me now… i need it urgently please, admin, have written on this problem before but you refused to reply to my thread i don’t know were the problem is from. i tried to login to softaculous app installer through my admin dashboard but its giving me a error message

“Something went wrong, please allow 20 minutes then retry” since 6hrs ago, but early this morning i was able to login. i don’t know if you can help me pls or tell me what to do

the account is epiz_20344429

What made you think I refused to reply? Your oldest topic I can see was a few hours ago. Please don’t forget that I’m a human too, I can’t continuously refresh the forum every minute of the day.

I have forwarded the issue to the server admins to they can check what happened.

Okay thanks a zillion

Till now the softaculous is not still working for me… Is unpack to a new account preferable?

It turned out the Softaculous issue was caused by a password synchronization issue. I’ve synched your password and Softaculous seems to be working again for your account.

For other experiencing the same issue, simply find the account in your client area and then click EDIT next to the password field to synchronize the password and fix Softaculous.

Ashhhh, before this have unpacked my domain to a new account already I don’t know if there is any way you could help me install my a new wp in the old database cause all my files are there and I don’t want to loose them… Thanks the account remains epiz_20344429

I encountered this problem what should I do?

The following errors were found :

Installation cannot proceed because the following files already exist in the target folder :
Please delete these files or choose another folder.OR
Select the checkbox to overwrite all files and continue

@Colorado4sure said:
I encountered this problem what should I do?

You already gave the answer yourself:

Please delete these files or choose another folder.OR
Select the checkbox to overwrite all files and continue

I nearly lost all my files… By thank God infinitefree had design their site beyond what we can imagine. pls if you experience this same problem out there pls don’t try to rewrite the file above or delete them cause you will lose a lot of files if you already have files in your file manager… What I did is this ,

  1. I login to infinityfree client area
  2. I select an account
  3. I clicked on file manager
  4. select my site account name from the root dir of my account
  5. I renaimed the htdoc to htdoc_old
  6. I went back to softaculous installer. Then installed the new wp file now…
  7. go back to the file manager > now change the new htdoc file now to htdoc_new > change back the old htdoc_old to htdoc > click on save or edit
  8. now open the htdoc you just renamed > look for the file name “Index.php” now rename it to something like index.php_old then > copy the file index.php from the htdoc_new to the htdoc now… Visit your site now every content of your site will still be as it was and all your users and their rule will still be the same…

Thank admin for creating this portal and not me