Softaculous App for a Grocery website

hey do anyone know of any good softaculous app for a grocery website? albantecart is giving error and prestashop is kinda paid stuff!! can anyone guide me plox.

WordPress + WooCom.?

woocommerce plugin doesn’t installs doesn’t even shows an error just stucks on downloadind, unpackaging ,installing,…

Yes, because it’s a heavy plugin.
We have a 10 mb file limit.

You can install it manually using FTP!
Check knowledgebase!

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wait letme try, will wait for 2-3 hours this time

Why you need to wait for 2-3 hours?

because i already tried to wait for an hour or so and it isn’t doing anything

It won’t do anything, Install it manually

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install “what” manually? wordpress or the plugin? and one more thing , there is an update available for wordpress but softaculous isn’t showing but i can see it on wp-admin panel

Softaculous doesn’t have the latest version yet, you have to wait,And manually update wordpress and the woocomerce plugin

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