Social networking site hosting

I was wondering if infinity free has any plans for social networking sites hosting .
If not then can you provide any other hosting service name that can do the job

No free Hosting will support Social Networking…You gotta consider some other paid hosting


Does infinity free net has any paid plan for this

I suggest you to use your own VPS. Premium hostings ,may be able to handle your social networking website but it’ll turn into a trouble when your site grows up.


We have no trouble with social networking sites at all. You can host a social networking site with us on our free plan without any issues.

There are just two things to keep in mind:

  • We do not allow live chat functionality. Live chat is extremely taxing on the servers which is why it’s not allowed on our hosting.
  • Most social networking software is quite demanding of server resources (even without the live chat functionality). Not all social networking software can run here due to feature limitations like InnoDB, and others won’t be able to handle a large number of concurrent users.

The terms are the same for free and iFastNet’s premium hosting, which means all plans don’t allow live chat functionality. But premium hosting has more powerful servers which means operating social networking sites is easier there.


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