Social Network - Permissions Requests

Hi InfinityFree Staff,
I own a Social Network and I’m recently moving from my old Hosting Provider to this new service. I’d like to run you through and verify with you personally if my website is allowed. I’m not going to go into too much extensive details (so we can both carry on aiding to our own customers); but I’ll kindly outline the key requests I’m seeking in which I want you to verify for us if it’s allowed or not. I hope it is, because this new Hosting Provider seems way better than the one I’ve had for 6 years. Below are a few bullets and explanations of what my Social Network provides and highlights the duties we take to prevent misuse of our services and our Hosting Provider.

  • Account Registration
    We allow our users to register an account for our service(s) which are subject only to the United States laws, jurisdictions and regulations. Below I will include links to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Data Policy and Cookie Policy for further information.

  • Account Login
    When a user logs into our service(s) s/he has already signed the contract in agreement to using the services and providing accurate information which will be in violation if s/he provides fraudulent information while using our service(s). (Meaning, we fight spam on our end so you don’t have to ever worry about spam coming from us to your Hosting Services).

  • Eligibility
    Our service is in compliance with COPPA so all users must be thirteen (13) or older, nor can they be a registered Sex Offender, Violent or a threat to the community in a whole. Those who violate our Terms of Service or Policies will result in permanent termination by IP Ban. Also, we want you to understand that in compliance with COPPA if we ever come across information from anyone under the age of thirteen (13) any and all data will be permanently removed as soon as possible from our services (but in regulations to your corresponding Terms and Policies which may retain data for law enforcement agencies as means to protect your entities as a whole. We will take all necessary obligations to inform you of any information we believe that’s subject to immediate termination for violating the COPPA Rules.

  • Encryption - Cryptography
    As part of our mission to design a deeply integrated platform of which our user’s information is safe and secure we encrypt every fiber of information we’ll ever receive with a God Key which is encrypted by the Server on a deep multitude of encryption methods itself that’s impossible to ever be broken. The only means of Decryption is via the Server itself, which is issued the deepest layers of encryption in the industry. You understand as in partnership, you’ll respect our company, users and rights of Privacy. If we have a problem, we’ll exhaust our Securities dealing with its resolution to the furthest extent possible within partnership with InfinityFree we’ll communicate whenever we feel is necessary.

  • User Tracking
    We allow our user’s the right to Privacy, but our user’s are informed that we track their IP Addresses and Device IDs for deployment of Notifications. This is how we render our Tracking Methodologies to seize any user who we feel in total obligation and private discretion to enforce such methods for any means of law enforcement officers but not limited to agencies. We do not buy, sell, trade, share, etc. in any shape or form release user information of anonymity nor with third parties (other than InfinityFree upon request from us only). Meaning, you need to ask us for permission to communicate with any of our infrastructures for any means, if not… You won’t figure out how to decrypt the data, so ask us to do it. That’s why we’re partners in this.

  • Messaging
    We allow our users the deepest means of Privacy so we allow them to send encrypted messages from one user to another as long as they have their unique Username. Every user is issued a unique Username upon registration, all users are responsible for any and all information they transmit throughout our Servers and Service(s). Which in means holds InfintyFree in no way liable for any information that’s transmitted from our services. This means that us or InfinityFree aren’t responsible for a user’s actions and we’ll work together if necessary to deal with any false, inappropriate or misleading information which shall violate either of our Terms or Policies to help build our relations.

We’re the Social Network of the future,
we hope you understand our objective is to connect the world in a better way than it is connected today and we hope you’ll build with us while we achieve our goals.

You may read our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Data Policy and Cookie Policy by clicking on there links here. Feel free to reach out if you need any further information, questions or concerns and we’ll work our hardest to come to a mutual understanding so we may both achieve great success. If our company goes big, you go big. We’ll be family.

SSL and Domain will be integrated upon verification of partner services between us and InfinityFree.

Social community sites are no problem here, I don’t see anything in your description which we would not allow.

As long as your encrypted communications platform is not used for illegal activities, I don’t see any problem.

Hi there!
Thanks for your response. I can assure you any and all illegal activity is strictly forbidden on our service(s).

So, it seems like we’re now partners. We look forward to doing business with you.

P.S— I’m on mobile and I wanted to “Quote” your reply, it said it needed to be converted to markdown and may have failed so it returned text “null”.

Happy new year and God bless!