SOA record problem

Hi there! I purcased for a .hu domain. And i registered here and i want to create an account with my own domain. I see the two nameservers, but when i’m try to add the infinityfree’s nameservers to my domain hosting, i get this error: Can’t get the domain’s SOA record. I read the help center about this problem and they writed this for me:

In the case of a foreign name server service provider, we may send the following form to the service provider:

Enter the domain name instead of underline.

ATTN: Administrators
Dear Madam/Sir,

The .hu TLD registry has special requirements for domains before nameservers can be changed.
The verification procedure failed, because it could not download the SOA record from one of
the nameservers for the domain _______.

You may verify the settings using this site:

Thank you for your time

(My domain name is

Some registrars have special requirements for domains, and so do we. We have the requirements that domain names must be configured to point to our nameservers before the domain names can be added to an account (to stop people from claiming domain names which they don’t own, preventing the actual owner from using the domain, or worse).

In other words, your registrar won’t let you change the nameservers until the domain name is assigned in our servers, and we won’t let you assign the domain name until the nameservers have been changed. This, of course, is a catch-22.

The only difference is that our system has a good reason to exist, rather than a registrar or registry trying to be “helpful” by limiting what you can do with a domain to what they think is sensible. So we cannot make exceptions to this system.

Thank you!
I’m understand your security! But there isn’t any other way to verify my domain, like google’s TXT? Google enable to verify my domain by add a TXT code to my DNS settings.
Can i verify my account by this way?
Thank you!

While I too wish there were more options to validate domain names (because there are more registrars and registries who have such restrictions), there sadly is no way to validate domain names in other ways.

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