SOA has not been returned

Hello Infinity Free

I wanted to host my first domain through here, but i have some issues which i hope there is a soulution for.

I was about to point my domain registar nameservers to Infinity Free name servers to complete the account. But i got error’s saying:

  • Warning ( No SOA record has been returned.
  • Warning ( This nameserver is not authorative for this domain.

It is a .de (German) domain i purchased from Easyname

I actually understand the error/warning here, but since the domain dont have those SOA records and Infinity Free will first attach the SOA after i complete the account registration. There is a contradicion and im pretty stuck. Hope there is a soloution to this. Maybe if it can be made an external domain.

The domain registar is not able to bypass the checks and let me update the nameservers…

Thank in advance


try and

Thanks for the reply. But unfortunatly it did not have any results.

I tryed to change the nameservers on my domain registar (Easyname) with your suggestion but wihout any luck. The warnings/errors still come up in there.

Maybe this can help you

Thank you for your time and effort. I have tried it and reached out to the domain provider, but again without luck. It seems there is a endless contradiction here between the domain provider and the way Infinity Free work…
I may see a domain transfer as a soulution, to a place where theese additional nameserver checks is not required.

Btw. German domain extensions are pain in the butt. Did not know that before.

You can try or godaddy

Sadly, this is a known issue with some domain extensions. .de may be one of them.


Sure i will investigate on those services and will try the best suited one.

Okay i see. yes .de extensions is deffenetly one of them. And even after this issue .de have some strange things connected to it. You either have to do everything through a german services or else use 1 month to figure out how it works with other places. Thanks for the reply.

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