So what now after freenom shutdown

I wanted to create an blog with freenom but came across the news that freenom got sued. Came across a comment saying how freedns. afraid .org was an option. So I was wondering if you can you an domain made from freedns .afraid. org with cloudflare and so how can set up a free domain with freedns. afraid. org and use it with cloudflare?

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You can’t use FreeDNS domains with Cloudflare, however I’m pretty sure you can use domains with them, register @


I use and its been a solid free domain name provider :smiley:


Is that because Cloudflare would require both nameservers to be set and you can’t set more than one NS record for the same domain, or because of something else? I’m curious as it’s been a while since I’ve used FreeDNS.


AFAIK Those domains are subdomains, and yes domains are also subdomains, but I’m pretty sure there’s an exception for

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I’m not sure why you tried to ping me on this. Officially, if you want to host your website without having to pay for a domain name, our recommendation is, and always has been, to use a free subdomain. We have never officially recommended Freenom or any other third party free domain service. We actually block .tk domains on our hosting. And please understand that if the third party service you chose to use stops working, it’s not up to us to fix that.

As far as options go for free domain name providers, the pickings are slim I think. I know only of:

  • FreeDNS, but they don’t support setting up NS records by default, you need to specifically request it.
  • EU.ORG, but I’m told it can take a long time (months) for domain names to get approved.

The list at is a lot shorter than it was 10-15 years ago. There isn’t really one that 1) supports nameserver delegation, 2) supports fast activation and 3) doesn’t have stringent restrictions on who can get the domain and what it can be used for.


yeah can take a lot of time (3 months in my case) but some people have been lucky and get registered within days only, it varies a lot

btw it works perfectly with cloudflare with full ssl/tls encryption :+1:


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