So that the description of the website and the name of the website?

Could you please be more clear?

There could be several possibilites:

  1. You said

When sending web links to several applications

So maybe something is blocked by our security system.
Please refer to

  1. Your site uses the metadata to display something.
    This also have some more possibilities:

    1. Your webpage uses Javascript to use something like id / class / name blah blah blah.
      This normally shouldn’t be affected. Check your code if necessary.
    2. Your webpage use data from GET.
      In this case make sure to contain ?data1=content1&data2=content2... in your link.
    3. Your webpage use data from POST.
      If this is the case then sorry there’s no way to include POST data directly in a link.

(These seems not so relevant to your problem…)