So that the description of the website and the name of the website?

how so that when we send the website link to the application there is a description of the website and the website name?

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Can you explain your problem in much more detail?
What app, what exactly do you see (screenshots), URL, and so on


Approximately if we send a website link, the website name and website description will appear

I think that what you are interested in is called openGraph

code example - look at the ones that start with og: (Open Graph)

another way (depending on whether it is supported on XY social networks/forums, etc)

If that’s not what you meant then I’m sorry because I still don’t understand the question


Also, adding to what Oxy said, if you don’t have a custom domain, there is no way you can see website name and description on other apps on free hosting because of the security system:

If you have a custom domain, you can use Cloudflare to bypass the security system, letting Discord and your other apps to access the Open Graph Protocol tags without problem.


oh if so how do you use it?

Please check the tutorials that Oxy linked


I’ve followed what’s in the open graph but after I edit to file it doesn’t work what what should I do

Please wait a bit, it might be due to caching


How do I bring up a tag or some kind of metadata when sending web links to several applications, for Infinityfree hosting, the problem is that mine doesn’t have metadata or tags when sending links

Could you please be more clear?

There could be several possibilites:

  1. You said

When sending web links to several applications

So maybe something is blocked by our security system.
Please refer to

  1. Your site uses the metadata to display something.
    This also have some more possibilities:

    1. Your webpage uses Javascript to use something like id / class / name blah blah blah.
      This normally shouldn’t be affected. Check your code if necessary.
    2. Your webpage use data from GET.
      In this case make sure to contain ?data1=content1&data2=content2... in your link.
    3. Your webpage use data from POST.
      If this is the case then sorry there’s no way to include POST data directly in a link.

(These seems not so relevant to your problem…)


like this, when we send a web link, metadata or tags that we create usually appear, like, there must be metadata like that, then my website is also made using HTML

You’ll have to use the Open Graph tag generator that @Oxy sent you before to generate tags like the one you’ve shown us on the preview, and I’m gonna repost it:

Also, do you have a custom domain or not? If not, there is no way tags will work because of the security system, whose article I already posted in this topic before and I’m gonna repost that as well:

If you do:

And lastly, don’t create multiple topics about the same issue. Next time I’ll see that I’m gonna report it as spam, then a moderator will proceed to do something about it.


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