So many errors and I don't know what it means

So this happened to my website after updating the latest wordpress version

I look up on the internet and still cannot solve this problem.

That likely means the update broke and messed up your WordPress installation. But there is no need to worry, you can still recover the installation.

To fix this, you can download a fresh copy of WordPress of the specific version you were upgrading to: Download –

Then, you extract the archive on your computer and upload it’s contents on top of your existing website, overwriting any existing files.

That should ensure all the WordPress core files are present and compatible, and allow WordPress to fix itself from there.

Thank you, I will try that.
And one more question.

how to do it though. (Sorry for my ignorance I’m still new at this website stuff)

Download the zip and extract it on your computer. That gives you a directory full of files. You then upload those files to the directory of your website on your hosting account. This is usually either htdocs or <your domain>/htdocs. You need an FTP client for that, FileZilla is a great choice for that.

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