So is my domain yours now?

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

epiz_27955821 (

I recently switched from InfinityFree to Netlify for web hosting, and I wanted to connect my custom domain ( to Netlify, so I removed the custom domain from epiz_27955821 and then deactivated that account. I then went to change my nameservers so I could switch to Netlify’s DNS, but, after waiting around an hour my website just redirected to, even though I changed nameservers. Then I tried Freenom DNS and while going to worked (for around 30 minutes, then it also redirected to, going to still redirected to I even tried cancelling my domain, but it still redirected to I really hope this is a mistake on your end (although it looks intentional), but if it isn’t, then I’m deleting my account, because this is just unacceptable.

It can take up to 72 hours for DNS changes to take effect. What you are describing is common (and NOT intentional). What happens is that when you go to a website, your computer saves some information for that site, so it takes less time to load next time you visit (One of the things the computer can save is the location of your website). This is the process of computer caching. Normally, when you move your website to another hosting provider, you leave the old provider active for the next 30 days, for caching purposes (And so no error messages are shown). Because you removed your domain and deleted the web files with infinity free, your computer is now coming to the old site of your website (Infinity Free) and not the new site (Your new hosting provider). To fix this error, you need to clear the cache and cookies of each browser you want the problem fixed on. (Or you can wait until the caching period is up, which is different on every computer/browser.)


dns propagation. It may take about 72hours


Then why did work, but only for 30 minutes?

And I’ve also done that

Because the caching period your your computer must have ended, so it got the new site, but than you moved it again, successfully messing it up again.

Try CTRL+F5 on your webpage than

I always used incognito mode to visit my website, which doesn’t keep cookies/cache

I also can’t do that, since and just redirect to, and doing CTRL+F5 on that page would be useless

I have never been to your site before and I see this. You must not be clearing your cookies the correct way. Try a different computer/browser. (I recommend a phone with cellular data on in private browsing mode)

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Interesting… for me it’s stuck on loading

  1. Try a computer/browser you have NEVER used to visit this site before
  2. Wait until your caching period is up (Google this to figure out how to change it)

But at least you know it works :slight_smile: !

^^ i added the hashtag so you could skip to the relevant point


I changed nameservers and it still did that, so that’s why I was confused. I’m aware of DNS propagation and how long it can take, but was marked “Netlify DNS” in my Netlify dashboard and so I thought the nameservers were set correctly

please wait 24-72 hours for your new changes to be visible everywhere


Just a friendly reminder, when you change your domain nameservers to something else, We no more have control over your domain, which means we cannot even make your domain ours and if it still redirects to ours then this is because of your either Internet provider or your computer DNS cache.

All you need is wait till your domain nameservers propagate properly or better say all you need to do is either access your website through VPN or wait a few hours.


Another good idea is to flush your computer’s DNS.

ipconfig /flushdns

^^ only works for windows users

It’s on your computer?

I thought it was on the DNS service.

Ez fix then:

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