So how do I upload my SSL?

Also use how do I install SSl? I applied for a certificate in cloudflare
Then click on the upload in the space, no response

You don’t upload any SSL to use Cloudflare. Cloudflare installs an SSL certificate on their network which allows your visitors to connect over a secure connection. And Cloudflare can use our default certificate to setup a secure connection to your hosting account. That’s the big advantage of using Cloudflare: you don’t need to fiddle around with SSL certificates anymore!

Also, if you downloaded the certificates from Cloudflare, these are likely their Origin Certificates. Origin Certificates are not valid SSL certificates, so our platform doesn’t accept them. Just use our default, self signed certificate to connect to the backend server and it will be fine.

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Why not use to support all subdomains?

Getting a wildcard certificate for is an option we’ve considered, but there are a few problems with this setup, like:

  • What to do with sub-subdomains? A wildcard subdomain will protect, but not or (which can be created due to how the platform sets up new accounts).
  • What do to do with upgraded accounts? You can bring your free subdomains with you to iFastNet’s premium hosting, so what do you do with SSL? Do you bring the wildcard subdomain along and give paying customers an SSL certificate for a domain they don’t own? Or would you have to get new SSL certificates for these subdomains? What about renewal? You’re still going to run into the limits from Let’s Encrypt.

If there was a simple solution, we’d already have it.

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Thanks for your reply, so how can I setup the https to subdomain?

You need to get an SSL certificate from a vendor who is willing to issue certificates for subdomains and has a verification method which works with our hosting (like email verification or CNAME verification).

As for which vendor is available to do that, I don’t know.

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