SMTP Zoho Mail with phpBB issues

I keep receiving this error message when sending test email through ACP

Email error

Ran into problems sending email at Line 1562. Response: 501 Domain address required: HELO
Connecting to ssl://
LINE: 1205 <- 220 SMTP Server ready March 17, 2024 3:38:08 AM PDT

LINE: 1552 <- 501 Domain address required: EHLO

LINE: 1562 <- 501 Domain address required: HELO

SMTP settings are as follows
Server Address: ssl://
Port: 465
Auth method: LOGIN

Thanks in advance for any support!

The error 501 Domain address required is generated by Zoho in response to the SMTP commands issued by phpBB. Apparently, Zoho doesn’t like what your phpBB setup is doing.

A quick Google search for the error message suggests it may be caused by not having setup authentication for the SMTP connection.

In any case, this is an issue between you phpBB installation and Zoho. This is not a hosting issue, and most people here are not experts for either phpBB or Zoho. So you may want to ask this question with phpBB or Zoho instead.


Hi xZenti,

Check if your phpBB coding to see if the From header has been correctly sent to Zoho SMTP servers, or that the domain hostname is included in your login username.


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