SMTP Gmail not working- help please

I ahve found this

I have followed the steps- it still doesn’t work for me- any help?

Sure, what do you need help with?

I am using rapidweaver to build my website and found that the issue with my contact page might be that the server will not send so I have followed the advice on the link I posted above and nothing is working.

this the the contacts page

I checked the mailer script of your contact form, but it does not seem to use SMTP, but PHP mail instead. If so, that explains why your emails don’t come through: PHP mail is heavily restricted:

Maybe your website building software offers some way to use SMTP instead. If not, you may need to integrate it yourself.

I have set this up as per this page but isn’t helping

Hi there! My Contact Forms are also not working. I use external SMTP Server

Where exactly did you implement SMTP and how did you integrate it with your website?

The contact form at is still using PHP mail, not SMTP.

The code snippet in that article provides an example of how you can send email with it. It’s not a fully featured contact form, and simply pasting that snippet on your website will not update any other contact forms to start using SMTP.

To have a contact form with SMTP, you will actually need to edit your existing code to make it work, or build a new contact form which supports PHP. This does typically involve coding you will need to do yourself, unless the software you’re using support SMTP on it’s own.

I have just upgraded my account- how long until my php will send emails?

Just to clarify, there is no such thing as upgrading an account. There are free hosting accounts on InfinityFree and premium hosting accounts on iFastNet. These are largely separate systems, and getting or removing one of those services will not do anything with the other one.

So if I can interpret your question as “when can I send emails”, the answer is “when your website has been migrated”. Please check with iFastNet whether your account has been activated already and if it has, please send them a ticket to start the migration.

But that link says that if I get a premium account, the php is more open so my form should work?

" Alternatively, you could consider to upgrade your account to premium hosting. With a premium hosting account, there are no filters on PHP mail() and the sending limits are much higher than on free hosting. So on premium hosting, you’ll be able to send professional looking email with ease."

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