SMTP email servers (not making a connection)

Does InfinityFree allow SMTP connections to a remote server (that isn’t hosted on infinityfree), but just somewhere else.

I am trying to use a SMTP server (I double checked if the credentials are correct, and they are) but it still doesn’t seem to work right. Any ideas?

It should. Can you share your code? Make sure to black out all personal data.


There’s no code, I’m using MyBb. It has a built-in configuration servers for SMTPs. I’ve entered all the details, but it doesn’t seem to even connect. Maybe it’s the provider? I could try searching for another one, no idea.

Try using Gmail and see if it works (since that is free). If it does, that will rule out server issues.

  1. Disable the “Less Secure Apps” settings on
  2. Go to and turn on 2-factor authorization
  3. Go to the “Security” tab on and click “App Passwords”
  4. Create an App Password (Do NOT close the window that appears)
  5. In a new tab, open the AbanteCart SMTP settings page.
  6. Enter the following:
  • Mail Protocol – SMTP
  • SMTP Host - ssl://
  • SMTP Username - your username (aka username if your email is [email protected])
  • SMTP Password - The generated app password from step #4
  • SMTP Port - 465

I hope this helps!


You can use outlook for business for free with a dev account, all is free. Also you can use your domain to send emails like ([email protected]). SMTP, IMAP etc are allowed. Full-fledged like the premium plan

Could be, could also be a configuration issue.

Can you please share your configuration (except confidential details like usernames and passwords of course) and what you see when you try to setup a connection or send a message with it?

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