SMTP connect failed, unable to send emails from my domain

domain :

not able to use phpmailer , getting PHP connect error.

Hello there,

So which SMTP server are you trying to connect to? Also could you provide the full error log?

Just to let you know that infinityFree does not have its own SMTP and its email service has been already deprecated a while ago.

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i am using mailgun

So did you make sure you used your correct SMTP credentials from Mailgun? Could you please verify? And also could you share the error log and maybe how you configured SMTP in your code?

Also these documentations from Mailgun and other sources should help you out:



Wanna ask about this too, because my topic already closed before :sweat_smile:

Is port 587 blocked here?

because I try to connect from my own PC, I can connect to my SMTP server :sweat_smile:

No, we wouldn’t provide instructions and example code to use SMTP over port 587 if it was blocked here. I don’t know why you’re unable to connect from your code. Could you try to connect to the Gmail SMTP server to verify the port is open?

If you use external mail server, it is surely an error from your external mail service (permission,settings,login account,etc.).
For example, if you use GMail, you must use app password or turn on less secure apps.

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I use my own mail server, and i can use my mail server for other hosting, but not here

I don’t know why :neutral_face:

Then try other mail server ?

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