SMF and emails

Hi! I just set up an SMF forum and I’m wondering why emails are not going through. What should I do to set up sendmail? I’d like my members to get notifications when they get replies, and private messages, the usual stuff.
Thank you!

You shouldn’t have to setup anything yourself. Just tell your script to use PHP mail() and setup a sender e-mail address and all is good. You do have to pick a sender address under your own domain name though, just using something like a Gmail or Yahoo account will surely get your e-mail rejected by the recipient.

Thank you so much! Got it, I’ll set up the email through the domain name then.

Unfortunately it didn’t work. I setup my email account under my own domain, set SMF to use PHP mail() and added the email address to the server information that SMF asks and got nothing. The only notification that went out was that I register a new user to test notifications. I went to the webmail application, the Roundcube, and I was able to email from there to my gmail account. I tried sending an email to that account from gmail and never got it, nor replying to from gmail to the email already sent.
Thank you for the assistance!